Every Sneaker is Unique

Every Kick ass pair of Sneakers is tagged with its own unique serial number giving you the peace of mind that what you see is what you get and ensuring that no one tampers with your kickz.



To ensure authenticity and traceability each pair of sneakers has its unique Tag attached on arrival at KickAssKickz.

It is photographed with the tag so the images you see of the Sneaker whilst browsing for your next pair are of the same pair that will arrive via courier after purchase.

No Consignment Sales

KickAssKickz does not do or facilitate consignment sales of Sneakers. Every pair available on this website is in stock and ready to ship immediately.

Brand Variety

As far as sneakers go, KickAssKickz only stocks and sells Nike Sneakers. Have a look around and you’ll find a variety and size selection unmatched by any competitor.

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These exclusive, high-end and Rare Kickz have a special place in our vault where they remain under lock and key.

Browse through the vault as you may just find your special next pair.